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Why Choose us?

Can’t imagine what your world would be like without your computer? Are you having a few technical difficulties and can’t get your routine back to normal? CR Net Solutions can give you the kind of solutions you need to get all the technology around you working again. We provide quality and dependable IT products and services at a reasonable cost, making it our top priority to meet and exceed your expectations the fastest way possible.

About us

CR Net Solutions has been in the industry for years, with each of our technicians having extensive experience across different IT-related issues. Through this experience, we ensure that we are able to assess each situation effectively and can give the best possible solution at the quickest time possible.

And when we say that we give solutions, we make sure that these are long-term ones. We make sure that you do not experience any other forms of interruption in your business or personal routines by avoiding easy patches to big solutions. We look at the problem, give the most applicable fix to it, and make sure that all areas are covered before considering the job complete.

We are certified partners of some of the biggest names in the industry, proving that we are indeed the guys you should go to for any computer trouble. With certifications from Avaya, Microsoft, McAfee, Cisco, Lenovo, and other similar names, we maintain a certain standard that does not only speak of our technical know-how, but of our professionalism as well. Each of our technicians are fully equipped with the tools and the knowledge needed to finish the job the most professional way possible.

IT Products and Services

Our products and services revolve around a variety of needs in an aim to give you every possible solution you might need. Working together with the biggest names in the industry, we are the certified experts when it comes to almost everything about information technology.








Audio and Video

Other IT-related products and services

Our Partners

If you are experiencing any computer-related problems or are looking for IT advice, feel free to call us at 246 256 5199 or leave us a message on our contact us page. We would be more than happy to assess the issue and give you a quotation.